Comprehensive training in creative directorship as you build your VISIONARY BRAND.

In the Syndicate, you will learn the skills, systems, habits, and mindset shifts you need to steward your vision in the most powerful way possible. It's designed to help you be the confident visionary who is unafraid to stand up and be known - with artistry and imagination that extends into every detail of the culture you are creating with your brand, in every place where it interacts with the world.

The results? Delivering your message and your vision in a way that LANDS POWERFULLY with the exact people you are here to serve. So you can spread ideas and tools that matter, in the services of your bank account, your communities, and the more just and imaginative world you are helping to bring into being with your work.





A series of video trainings complete with case studies and real-life examples, of every piece of the Build your Visionary Brand framework, including mini-lessons on the concrete skills, assignments and creative confidence builders that will help you succeed. This comprehensive collection of 30+ videos will be delivered all at once as a library of resources for you, to be consumed at your own pace as you implement. Videos are yours to keep forever.


As a Syndicate member, you unlock access to group coaching calls with Bureau of Tactical Imagination founder Amy Walsh as you make your way through the videos and units. So while you learn at your own pace, you have an incentive to move forward, and get even more support.

In the group coaching calls, you get my eyes on YOUR work, and I’ll help you clarify what you are working on, break through creative blocks, and provide honest and expert feedback on your work.


As a Syndicate member you get a year of access to the Visionary Syndicate membership space. Some types of creativity demand solitude, but many parts of the branding process die in isolation. Here you will find support, feedback, and discussion from fellow brilliant Syndicate members, and additional feedback from Tactical Imagination agents. As new resources, worksheets, etc are created by Syndicate Headquarters, they will be posted there. To support your deep work processes and to discourage the distractions of social media, we will meet away from Facebook.

Full program starts September 22

Investment: $1500

To be paid in 1, 2 or 3 installments.

But there is more… Founding Members start July 1!

The Visionary Syndicate Founding Membership

Deadline: This MONDAY, July 1, 2019 ~ 18 spots total, 5 remain!

Founding members get all of the above, starting in September. AND:

I’m going on deep sabbatical this summer to create this entire program, and I need a live audience and people who can be my case studies - that's where founding members come in. What does this mean?

  • You’ll get optional, drop-in access to - and personal attention in - all my live (but private) teachings of training videos. I'll publish my schedule of recording dates to founding members, and you’ll get to pick and choose which ones you would like to show up for live, so it can fit your summer schedule. In those trainings, I will be teaching to YOU specifically and answering your questions live - so you get custom teaching.

  • 1:1 coaching with me: In our first 1:1 session at the beginning of the summer we will determine your goals, look at where you are in the branding process, and think about where I can be most useful to you over the summer. In the second 1:1 coaching call, we'll deep dive in the area you specifically most need help with.

  • Free visibility for your work! I’ll use our work together as a case study in the Syndicate trainings - so over time, more and more people who join the Syndicate will learn about you and your work through our time together from the inside out. Note: edited videos will be approved by you before becoming a part of Syndicate training materials, so you can make sure confidential stuff stays confidential.

In short - for the same price as September Syndicate members, you get 3 extra free months of insider access to me, as I custom-design trainings for the founding members; and the visibility of your process becoming a part of the teaching materials.. You get to pick and choose from a menu of trainings - and any you can’t make, you can join in during the fall with everyone else!

How to become a founding member:

  1. Remember doors close July 1 - that's this Monday! (I start course creation the first week in July - so I want my founding members ready to roll!)

  2. REGISTER HERE (You can pay in one lump of $1500, or 2 installments of $750, or 3 installments of $500)

  3. Be on the lookout for further instructions!

Watch the training that reveals the framework for building a visionary brand, and unveils the visionary syndicate: