Meet Creativity Liberation Agent Amy Walsh. 

Hi, I'm Amy Walsh: artist, creative coach and visual storytelling specialist.

I help social and cultural changemakers use visual storytelling to both propel their visibility and success in business, and make meaningful change in the world.

You can learn how to make images that not only make you stand out, position you in your market and attract your clients - you can make images that change culture. Images that disrupt, provoke, propose alternative ways to seeing, and communicate liberating visions.


Here’s how I came to this work:

I am a visual artist with an MFA in sculpture from the Pennsyvania Academy of Fine Arts. who has worked extensively in 2D arts, sculpture, installation and conceptual art, and have exhibited my work in 20+ galleries and museums including a 2400 sq. foot installation at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts museum.

Here’s how this helps you: I understand visual culture from the inside out and I know how to help you translate your ideas into images that truly gets your message across.

I taught fine arts in universities for 12 years and helped hundreds of students and artists access and create their own visual languages.

Here’s how this helps you: I not only know my stuff; I know how to teach it to you step-by-step [honestly, its easier than you think] so that you can use it and do it in your business.

I'm a designer and brand specialist who has collaborated on interactive museum exhibits for over 3 dozen American museums (art museums, science museums, history museums and the like). I have designed dozens of web sites and marketing collateral with my previous company, Kickball Media Works.

Here’s how this helps you: I’ve got a lot of experience helping companies, brands and culture-changers position their work to get attention -- so I can rapidly help you do that, too.

I'm a long time committed activist and cultural changer. The core of all of my work comes from my conviction that although human imagination has gotten us into some real binds (war, environmental degradation, oppression) our creative resources and imagination are also what will save us.

Here’s how this helps you: We’re going to work on unleashing your creative intelligence and your unique perspective so that you can start bending that arc towards justice.

I'm an experienced coach. In addition to my one-on-one life coaching and creative coaching work, I have a co-counseling certification from Re-Evaluation Counseling, and 25 years of experience teaching and leading active listening and peer counseling groups.

Here’s how this helps you: I intimately know how to hold space for you to get to the core issues and tell the truth in your images and platform.

The point of our work together is to help you build your creative confidence and create visuals that interrupt our oppressive norms and create new possibilities. One entrepreneur, one company, one community, and one movement at a time.

And here’s the thing: if you zig when everyone else zags, you stand out. And that is actually the point of all marketing. To stand out.

When you create your own visual language rather than repeating everyone else’s, you set yourself apart. That’s what makes you findable, and that’s a success tool.

It’s also liberation tool.

And we need those tools.

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