Strategy + Creativity = your brilliant business.

Creativity Liberation Agent Amy Walsh, at your service!

As a visual artist, and coach for women leaders and business owners, I'm here to help you make your business totally blazingly brilliant by making YOU its' Artist-in-Residence.

Solid strategies are crucial -- but if they aren't combined with imaginative, playful, flexible thinking that come straight from your visionary imagination, your business will never be as brilliant - or as successful - as you you know it can be.

I'm here to train you to use the practices and methods of breakthrough thinking that artists use, combined with crystal clear strategy that's UNIQUELY YOU, to make your business LEAP out of the crowd – and quickly.


You are the creative genius at the center of your work. If you don't know how to harness your flexible, imaginative powers, your work isn't making the impact its here to make (or the income).

The missing link is a creative partner who brings massive creative skills and believes that you can build them too. That's me!

Ready for the breakthroughs you have been craving? Sign up for a 30-minute Tactical Imagination Assessment with me and we'll see if we are a great fit. You'll get at least one creative breakthrough to use in your business this week, and some next steps towards maximizing your success through BOTH creative methods and intelligent strategy.

A gift for all the mamas out there! { A Bureau of Tactical Imagination passion project }

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