Visual storytelling & visionary brand strategy for changemaking small businesses


small business owner, your work can be:

A creative act:

that grows you - as a creator, worker & thinker

a cultural gift:

that influences & changes the stories we live by

a money maker:

nourishing you & your people with generosity & reciprocity


To be all three, It should be imaginative, flexible, and responsive ~

driven by your radical imagination, and by deep listening to your clients, customers, communities, and the culture at large.

i’m amy walsh, BTI founder, and I’m here to help!

so you can make your business an engine of financial abundance, original creative expression and cultural change.


cardboard goggles not required.

cardboard goggles not required.


The syndicate is a Comprehensive training in creative directorship for your business - including crafting a brilliant brand in strategy, language and visuals. includes training, coaching, and a year of support for your ongoing marketing and branding practices.

Let’s talk.

You can spend a whole day with me as your exclusive collaborator and creative director, you can have me coach you over 6-12 weeks, or you can take courses and workshops.

Sign up for a free 30-minute chat, and we'll look at the state of your business’ message and story and frame the questions that will drive your next steps. We can see if we are a fit for working together, and I promise at least one practical epiphany.

Free Awesomeness!

24 image making ideas for social media.

Stop using the same old images in your social media feeds! Let's make the constant production of social media content easier, more fun, and more brilliant for you.

creative confidence communiqués.

3 recordings from a series of workshops on boosting your creative mojo. We tackle your creative mindset in your body of work, your branding and marketing.

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