Good businesses rely on strategic thinking, linear thinking, sound planning and a polite dose of creativity --

But GREAT businesses rely just as much on wild thinking. Unruly thinking. Truly courageous, innovative thinking and making.

Without solid and consistent ways to access these non-linear paths to genius, business folk create ordinary businesses. And that's boring!

Infusing your business with creative practices and methods will improve your focus, save a LOT of time, solve problems innovatively, and most importantly, attract people who are thrilled to hire you because your business powerfully speaks to them.

You are the creative genius at the center of your work. Let's unlock that power and make your business a true work of art.

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Amy dove deep with me and listened to my journey with my own creativity as a business owner. She risked BIG by showing up authentically. She stoked my inner passion and purpose, and helped reflect the inner compass that I was looking to rediscover in myself. Her approach was definitely outside the box, and was personable, authentic, and transparent. She helped me unpack the CORE of my vision for my business. She is truly an invaluable gem, and an important player to have in your corner!

- Angie R., Creative Living Life Coach/ Reiki Practitioner