Unlocking creative tools and tactical imagination in service of your leadership and your life.

CREATIVE BREAKTHROUGHS for business and organizations

Leaders, founders, business owners and entrepreneurs, activists and organizers: Is there enough imagination in your planning? And enough planning in your imagination? Are your projects as brilliant on the outside as they are on the inside? The Bureau is here to enable your next breakthrough, liberate your superpowers as a leader and doer, and ensure your plans reflect the best of your creative visions. 

1:1 COACHING for radiant living + parenting

You have your own unique story. You’ve got strengths, skills, gifts, and an original mind. You’ve got challenges, habits, and behavior patterns. And you, like everyone, have beautiful visions for how life and the world could be - and should be. Let's nourish your dream and turn it into a sustainable, doable plan. Liberate your gifts and strengths from their cages of habits and fears. Embrace challenges, dream big, and make it happen, step by step. Give me a call and we'll see if we are a match.

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