Welcome, beautiful and valiant creator!

You have a vision for your business and our culture. You’re creating change in your words and your teachings. You know the power of your digital presence. You want to use the images you share on social media to stand out in your market, to create brand awareness for you, to contribute new ideas to our social marketplace and create cultural change.


Come build an authentic visual language of your very own with a group of comrades, so you can create evocative, culture-changing images whenever you need 'em. 


Hello, brave creator. I’m Amy Walsh. I’m a visual artist with degrees in painting and sculpture, I'm a former art professor, and I have years of digital media design for businesses and non-profits under my belt. I’m perhaps best known online for my Visual Storytelling Workshops that help entrepreneurs understand visual principles from a grounded cultural and political perspective.

In other words, I’m a huge visual culture nerd and passionate maker. I teach you how to translate your ideas into compelling, evocative images that deviate from pretty much everything else you see in your online spaces.

So if you’re seeking a way to articulate your vision online, and use radically interesting and authentic images to grow your business and make your cultural contribution, here’s what I want you to know:

I built visual revolutionaries for you.

Visual Revolutionaries is designed to grow your imaginative powers and develop a creative image-making practice so you can infuse your brand with vision and make culture changing images consistently.

These are the skills we’ll build, together, in our 4 month VISUAL REVOLUTIONARIES course. Alongside a lovely cohort of fellow mavericks and marvels, you will:

  • Learn how to see the visual culture around you more critically, and understand the contribution to visual culture that YOU are here to make

  • Learn how to translate the heart of your work and brand message into visual language

  • Develop your your personal creative process for business image-making and build it seamlessly into your daily and weekly routines

  • Craft a collection of strong images that make you stand out from the rest in your crowded industry. You’ll develop your own personal archive of images you can draw upon for months, and methods for making you can rely on for years

  • Build creative confidence that will overflow into every area of your business, making you more innovative all-around and more visible AS YOU (which is often very good news for your offerings and sales).

  • DEVELOP IMAGES THAT STAND APART - and when you do this, people SEE YOU. They stop scrolling and look. That means more clicks, more contacts, more signups, more calls, more sales, and MORE IMPACT.

"The thing I find most valuable about your work is how you lead me to find my own creative voice. You provide a container and a reflection for finding my most true, prov/evocative expression ;) one that resonates powerfully with both me and others, and you help me clarify what I'm saying in the most wordless place in me, which is some pretty epic magic if you ask me!" -- Alyssa Burtt, brand designer

Let's learn together:

Visual Revolutionaries

In our two live video classes per month we'll create individually tailored assignments that will help you evolve your brand and discover creative processes that allow you to uncover the visual story at the heart of your work. 

In the Visual Revolutionaries facebook group, we’ll offer each other work-in-progress support, inspiration and feedback, and I’ll offer daily support.

The group is a crucial part of this course: its a place to test ideas, try things, recieve support and validation -- and perhaps most importantly, become wiser in ways that can only happen in group settings. Our group will be your collaborative team, your thought and vision partners, to help you see your vision to fruition.

Visual Revolutionaries is for brave business builders, visionary entrepreneurs, committed makers and creators on missions to thrive in their businesses and create cultural change. Visual storytelling is a new skill and source of power to help you in your quest.

If this is what you’re trying to accomplish, you are invited. Please join your cohort of 20 fellow business-builders and let’s start making images that make change -- in your business and our world.

Your investment is $190 per month.

Course starts Thursday, January 25th.

(Complete schedule TBA)

Course limited to 20.