1-day EPIC SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE MAKING RAMPAGE for Business Owners & other Rogue Geniuses

~ Not to be confused with events produced by the Bureau of Tactical Imagination's Division of Bombastic Names, Rhapsodic Proclamations, Ostentatious Embellishments, Overblown Declarations & Magniloquent Run-on Sentences ~

DECEMBER 31 2016

10-5 EST


Big time fun and creative breakthrough time: no messing around.

Come set the tone for 2017 with a fresh batch of BRILLIANT social media images, produced by you in the inspiring, supportive virtual offices of the Bureau of Tactical Imagination.

Creativity flourishes in containers: wombs, studios, sentence structures, frames. Let the group, the time, and the supportive guidance by artist, educator and business mentor Amy Walsh be your container for genius on this day.

Promised results:*

  • a batch of 10-30 new images for immediate use

  • ideas and prompts for continued use

  • creative and visual development for your brand

  • you will laugh at least once and possibly many times

*If you show up and apply some pluck, of course

Most likely side effects:

  • Increased clarity about social images, visual assets in general and how they relate to your brand

  • New insights about visual language and visual culture

  • More confidence in your image making

  • Unplanned, possibly uncomfortable, likely exhilarating creative outpouring and its unpredictable consequences over the next week or month

  • Future mini-breakthroughs in places you get stuck when making images

  • Weird dreams

Rare but compelling possibilities:

  • Maybe you'll strike on an image or set of images that becomes iconic for your brand and viral tipping point to boundless fame and fortune and/or revolution. You never know.


THURSDAY NIGHT we start the wheels turning! I'll email instructions on how to best prepare in advance, and I will host an group coaching call from 6-8pm EST so you can get a head start on planning your day Saturday and designing your assignments, plus any confidence-boosting coaching you might need. Yes, the call recording will be sent out immediately afterwards!

FRIDAY You'll spend Friday letting your subconscious bake it all up for Saturday (and perhaps spending a little bit of time collecting supplies and materials if necessary.)

SATURDAY We'll make stuff from 10-5EST with hourly optional check-ins with the group for new customized prompts, Q+A, on-the-spot breakthrough coaching and whatever else comes up!

AND BEYOND...You will use your new, unique, original images in your social media marketing and show the world your unique genius!

The COST:  $130