Incredimazing Sights is full for Fall 2018. Stay tuned for future classes!


A 4-month creative cahoots congregation and industrious implementation orgy, during which time you

build a brilliant new website for your brand & business.

Presented by the head-smackingly obvious collaboration of The Bureau of Tactical Imagination and Puree Fantastico.

October 2018 - January 2019


So. You need a brilliant web site to go make a pile of money.

But. You need a pile of money to go make your brilliant web site.

Hence: the STUCKNESS! What to do?


The fancy designers say:

"I can make you a big, comprehensive, powerful new brand for $12,000 - $20,000 and up!"

(And you’ll need to pay me again when it needs updating/rebranding!)

The random low-budget designers say:

"I can make you a trendy, stock photo-full, 5 page thing for $3,000!" 

(And you will love it - until you realize it makes you look like 500 other people in your industry. See the Malibu Barbie tragedy.*)


You say:

“Maybe I can figure it out all by myself!” So you take 4 (or 14) free classes online first (for tools/ideas/inspiration), confuse the crap out of yourself, spend 3 hours trying to choose a template, and then retreat to bed with half a bag of stale corn chips for a long night of watching Queer Eye and fantasizing about other people’s personal brand rescue stories. In the morning, you rightfully decide to stop wasting your time on it, and pretend your visual presence on the web doesn’t matter that much. know it totally does matter!

Yes, you can build a business without one, without a doubt.

But what could be possible with a web site that you - and everyone else - are thrilled about RIGHT NOW? Or at least SUPER SOON?

One that you feel in love with. Proud of. Inspired by. Sparkly about! One that you had so much fun creating, you wanna KEEP CREATING IT.

One that makes people think “now this person/business/project is the REAL DEAL. Let's work together!”



The BUREAU of FANTASTICO IMAGINATION is here to help you create your alive, beautiful, active, relevant, and UNDENIABLY YOU website.

We realize you don’t necessarily need the giant, $15k package right now - you need a web site that you LOVE, that does the job for YOU at the stage of business you are in in RIGHT NOW --

and you want to be able to change it and evolve it as you need to, with confidence and creativity.

Amy and Jenny are both big believers in ACCESSIBILITY for business owners who are doing brilliant, culture changing work but might not be gigantic money makers yet.

So we designed Incredimazing Sights to give you, at a small fraction of the cost of hiring a designer, the chance to build your own Incredimazing web site!



The CLASS:  

October 2018 - January 2019

Design and build your site, step by step, with weekly, digestible mini-lessons and support from Amy & Jenny.

That support is delivered through our engaged presence in our online course discussion space, and twice-monthly office hours where you can come to ask questions and receive critique or feedback. Some of our classes are live (and interactive), some are pre-recorded, and all will be available in our online course space.

CLASSES are on TUESDAYS at:  12 EST / 9 PST / 5 BST



The foundations: brand qualities, key marketing messages, and your VOICE in words, images and layout. We'll do lots if inspiration hunting and start exploring template options.



Translating Explortober's discoveries to the language of brand design and web sites. Color, typography, composition and the other visual elements of a web site and brand.



You've got the ingredients and the recipes: now its time to make those decisions that have held you back for way too long, and pop that web site in the oven! We are ready with our "is it done?" toothpick testers! 



JANUARY: liftoff!

This month is all about refining, perfecting - AND LAUNCHING! We will celebrate our collective AND individual launch dates together - bringing more eyeballs and momentum around your launch than you could accomplish alone (this is true for all of us!)


Fill in any gaps in your skills or materials with these optional add-on intensives.

These are once per month and usually 3-4 hours. These workshops are also open to the public and are $80 each, but for Incredimazing Sights members, they are included in class costs. All workshops are live, and recorded for future use.


Oct: Copywriting Clinic

Nov: Image Crafting

Dec: TBA (we'll watch for what you need)

Jan: Design/Plan a Stunning Launch



We are going to teach this class to both new and experienced users of Squarespace. We will use Squarespace templates to teach about layout, and we'll provide Squarespace-specific technical support and instruction.

What if I don't use Squarespace, and don't want to?

That's just fine. This course will be wildly useful to you anyway - just know that we won't put attention towards solving technical problems in other platforms. So, if you are already comfortable with your current platform and don't wanna leave, you'll do great. But if you are a newbie there, this might not be the place for you.


one payment of $850

or two payments of $425

or three payments of $284

(thats right, it doesn’t cost you more to do installments.)



Amy Walsh

is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, designer, educator and the founder of The Bureau of Tactical Imagination. As a huge visual culture nerd in the digital business space, Amy helps social and cultural change makers use visual storytelling to  propel thier visibility and success in business, and make meaningful change in the world.

Amy has served both as a graduate critic and teacher of art, design and visual language universities such as Tyler School of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Lesley University, The University of the Arts, Brown University, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and more.

Amy has created web sites and branding for PBS documentaries, MIT departments, and countless small businesses and artists projects; and she created interactive digital installations for over 20 museums (science, art, and children's) with exhibit designer Brad Larson.

From a student in one of Amy's online courses:

"It's felt like a retreat. It's also felt like nerd camp. I've learned so much. I needed not only the space to explore and rediscover my own creativity - but also to share it and be in community with people like you. I've learned I'm sick and tired of the way I've been marketing my business. I want more of this instead. I've learned that I don't have to settle for anything short of bringing all of myself to any party. This experience has been more transformative that I could have ever imagined."

Lilly Garcia, founder, Wild Olive Branding

Jenny Ambrose

is an award winning designer running an award winning design science & strategy shop, Purée Fantastico. 

Having worked with large Fortune 500 brands like Old Navy, HSN, POPSUGAR, ELLE, American Greetings, Alaskan Airlines, 3M, Walgreens, Reuters, and more across the last 12 years, Jenny understands the vast needs across the widest number of moving parts. Part scientist, part artist, all powerhouse, Jenny knows how to sync with her client’s deepest voice and concerns and communicate the solutions as if they’d always been present (because they are!).  

Jenny's most recent personal project exhibits her obsessively detailed mind as a systems thinker and cultural analyzer: she built a database deconstructing the visual language and cultural themes within Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, moment by moment.

"I've hired Jenny 3 times so far...She let me know she was here clearly to support me and "teach me to fish" instead of relying on her to provide all the "fish" and graphic design in full...What wonderful support and assistance! Jenny gave me so many intangibles (more confidence in my own eye and abilities to put things together, gentle midnight laughs during an all nighter) as well as a stellar finished project."

Sarah Chang, Owner of Hawaiian Heritage Hula Academy


* the aforementioned and unessential Malibu Barbie story, for those procrastinators who are still reading.

(Did you know that procrastination is sometimes just a magical thing called INTUITIVE RESISTANCE? Idle time, off-the-clock time, spacing-out-time can be a really important part of the creative process. Just sayin')

When I was seven, I had the most beautiful Barbie ever. LIKE EVER. It was the expensive Ballerina Barbie I had been begging for for two years, and she was SPLENDID. Articulated elbows and knees. SUPER DOOPER LONG HAIR. Perfectly crafted fingers. She was pure magic.

One day, my sister, in creative fever dream no doubt, cut off Barbie's hair to the scalp and painted her head blue with a Sharpie. Then she put her arms in the leg sockets, turning her into a deranged nightmare spider lady with boobs.

As you can imagine, I was enraged, and my sister was in trouble. She was forced to use her own allowance to get me a new Barbie.

So, she got me Malibu Barbie.

If you were a kid in the seventies like me, you will know my pain. For the rest of you - all you need to know is that Malibu Barbie had hard, stiff limbs that didn't bend at the knee, and her fingers were fused together in a paddle shape, and her hair grew from her head in little circular patterns that left parts of her scalp visible. She was like totally unmagical.

Kids know that the magic is in the details. Allll the details. And thats true for your website too.

In a world of Malibu Barbie web sites, I want you to have a Ballerina Barbie website.

I know Barbie is problematic, friends. But seven year old Amy still wants us all to know the magic of LOVE IN THE DETAILS.



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