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Five glorious days, five easy ways to pick up  your glitter wand and make your web site MAGIC again!

Starts September 17, 2018


Time to stop feeling bad about
your web site, genius business builder!

When your web site is left untended for too long (or was never well tended to begin with) your business/projects evolve beyond it, which can leave you feeling dissatisfied or stuck. Your web site can start to feel like a stinky old bog of BLAND. This is hurting your business...and disappointing your creative soul!

You might not be ready for a major rebranding in your business right now, but that doesn't mean your current web site has to feel like the stagnant backwater of your business.

Improving your web site doesn't have to be overwhelming. When you apply some TLC to it once a day for about a half hour, your web site will be WAY more lively on Friday than it was on Monday. So why not do it with a party?


Come bring your mind, heart and courage back to your site!

September 17-21. free!

Join us for 5 days, and 5 assignments that will help you MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU HAVE, break through the overwhelm, and get your site sparkling again - no matter where its at.

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Your workshops are magical and mind expanding. I come away inspired and able to implement something meaningful EVERY TIME.

- Staci Jordan Shelton



  • One email assignment every morning with one step you can take that day to re-sparkle your site.

  • Daily Facebook Live instruction, support and discussion in the Facebook group Tactical Imagination Club by the good AND wicked witches Jenny Ambrose and Amy Walsh.

  • A refreshed re-inspired relationship to this most important visibility tool of your business: your beloved web site!



Jenny Ambrose is an award-winning designer running an award winning design science & strategy shop, Purée Fantastico. 


Amy Walsh is an artist and teacher who helps small businesses tell culture-changing visual stories with her company The Bureau of Tactical Imagination.

Say it with us now..."There's no place like my home page!"

Looking for web site help that's more comprehensive? We've got you covered! Come check out the 4-month course in making DIY web sites infused with heart, mind, and courage: Incredimazing Sights.