FACEBOOK LIVE IS WHERE ITS AT for spontaneous, authentic, creative communication with your audience.

BUT YIKES! If you have a shred of self-consciousness in you, its scary!

And how do you make it interesting, as Facebook fills up with thousands of hours of Livestreams per day?

JOIN THIS FREE 5-DAY workshop and get practice, ideas, support and inspiration so YOU can create innovative, entertaining, educational, valuable FB Live content and rock your visibility like never before.

How it works:

  1. You get one email a day from October 24-28 with your daily FB LIVE assignment.
  2. You will broadcast live in response to the assignment in the Tactical Imagination Club (closed FB Group). (Don't freak out! Everyone will be experimenting in this safe little hideout, and I and others will be on hand to offer encouragement and support!)
  3. You are invited to TWO facilitated group support calls during the week, if you need to come work out any feelings about daily live visibility, or about your creative confidence, or anything else that might be coming up.
  4. You leave with a week of innovative FB Lives under your belt, and your own plan to use FB Live for your business!

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