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may 2019

Content Marketing Makeover

MAY 2, 1pm-4pm EST US | $50

“Content marketing.“

The phrase is telling. When art and words, ideas and experiences are reduced to “content,” the implication is that quantity rules over quality, and depth is seen as inefficient. We need our visible presence to bring customers into our businesses, and we’re bombarded with advice to do this by showing up visibly and CONSTANTLY - which is a tall order for many of us and feels at odds with the depth and complexity of our work.

The good news: its possible to show up consistently AND let your content marketing become powerful extensions of the deep work that you do (rather than the “lite” soundbyte version.)

Designed with depth and integration in mind, your marketing is so much more than a money making tool: it’s a service to your audiences, a cultural contribution, and a place where your artistry can grow.

In this 3 hour workshop you are going to rethink, revise, and even totally reimagine your content marketing strategy so it can feed your bank account, your clients and communities, and your creative growth. You’ll leave fired up, with a fresh and empowered relationship to your marketing, and with concrete methods you can use to show up regularly and powerfully.

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JUNE 2019

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Launch Magic

MARCH 5, 2019 | 11 - 2 EST (US)

There is no lack of information out there about how to plan a “killer” launch from the perspective of sales funnels, analytics, tech setup, advertising strategies and the like. But rarely are we given spaces to focus on the creative side of powerful launches. Sometimes we need space away from the formulas and “shoulds” so we can sink into the creative heart of our work and find the sparkling ideas hidden there.

In this three-hour work + learn workshop, you will plan the launch of a web site, event, product, or service with the help of creative prompts to get you planning with imagination and originality.

You’ll come away with a solid launch plan not only with dates and to-do’s, but a VISION and some innovative new ideas that will set your launch apart from the rest and make a real cultural contribution.

Bring paper and pencils!

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