The Bureau of Tactical Imagination's Division of Imaginative Cahoots & Principled Stands invites you to A WORKING AND LEARNING EVENT:


make your social media images communicate your core values  APRIL 17, 2018  |  3PM-6PM EST | on Zoom


Is your business as impactful and imaginative on the outside as it is on the inside? 

Are your visual communications clear, persuasive, and true to the heart of your work?

If not, you are missing out on the huge opportunity -

to truly influence the culture around you, while drawing not just attention - but the right kind of attention - to your work.


With powerful, intentional and imaginative visual images, it's possible to:

  • give people an experience of the transformational possibilities of your work, before they even read a word (which is the very best kind of marketing).
  • be seen, heard and loved by the very people you are most here to work with, and filter out the rest.
  • influence culture in change making ways, through your visual presence alone

Many of us get stuck around making our images REALLY speak for whats essential to our work. So we do what we can, and we often fear that we are following trends that "feel" good on the surface but confuse our audiences about who we are and what we do. When we really take charge of this aspect of our business, we can create brands that are imaginative and divergent from the norm - which is more fun for everyone AND GREAT for business.

This is a WORKING gathering: I will offer questions and prompts to work on, and we'll have muted working breaks, followed by Q+A and reflection time.

You will leave the workshop with fresh perspective on the role of images in your work, new material to work with (generated by you during our time together), and clear next steps for strengthening and clarifying your visual communications.

This workshop is $40 and takes place on Zoom.

Upon registration, I'll send you the zoom link and some prep questions.

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Illuminate! Workshop
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