Come produce a batch of fresh, original, inspired social media posts in one week!

The visual storytelling workshop

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If you want to create consistent, high-quality images for your content marketing, but finding the right images feels like a giant TIME SUCK, you have found a breakthrough moment!

I'm Amy Walsh, and I want to save you from the abyss of boring stock image sites, endless fidgeting in photo editing programs, dilemmas about visual brand and content, and more.

Come spend a week with me and dozens of other small business owners, and make a fresh batch of images that are original, unique, and YOU - that you can start using right away.

And while we are at it, we're going to cover some key principles of visual storytelling, and develop some prompts and assignments that will help you KEEP developing your visual story for weeks and months to come.

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As we all know, powerful visual assets are a MUST for every business. Stunning, original, consistent images that speak to the heart of your work are the most important driver of your visibility. And if you are a social and cultural change maker, they are also a part of how you resist the visual norms you oppose and create culture.

Come learn creative processes and visual storytelling principles that will help you more effectively, efficiently and POWERFULLY tell your visual stories in the weeks, months and even years to come.

Let's take your images from TYPICAL to UNFORGETTABLE.

MARCH 13-17, 2017


Trendy, boring, generic desktop images: your days are numbered! We are going to innovate on this limitless art form and turn your desk into a magical theater on which your unique and original visual story will unfold! Join the #flatlayrebellion and free the flat lay!

*What's a flat lay, you ask? Watch the video above!

What people have said about past Visual Storytelling Workshops:

These assignments have given me so much inspiration and so much awareness of how I have confined and limited myself. WOW. WOW and thank you Amy Walsh...This class has taught me how much I am really yearning to make art and be visual and visible.

-- Diny van den Bout

Amy. The impact that you have made is making ripples. I've had so much energy and response due to your process of creating visual storytelling content...you are 100% inner compass focused which is so crucial if a person's heart and soul and spiritual practice are looking to align with their business practices.

-- Angie Rooker

I am thinking up images now using mind-mapping. all. the. time. Thank you Amy Walsh these are far more creative, witty, and authentic than the cliche BS I was using before and with so much more meaning! THANK YOU.

-- Gina Senarighi

I'd never have guessed one could gain so much insight on the first half day of a FREE course - and I've taken hundreds...Absolutely inspired - just what the doctor ordered. Bless you lady,

--  xxxx MARO T

Thank you all, especially Amy Walsh - best challenge I've ever done! 

-- Carrie-Ann Wilson