Still smoking from the raging fires of the Bureau of Tactical Imagination's New Offer Foundry:

The Visual Storytelling audit.


90 minutes and one week of support: 

to refine your business' visual story and streamline your creative process

So you can regularly create stunning, on-brand social media graphics that draw BIG attention and communicate brilliantly to your ideal clients!




You want to use Facebook, Instagram and other platforms more powerfully + intelligently while knowing that your images are making a big impact for you and for the world. But you can't spend 1,000 hours a week on it.

You don't want to make images that reinforce cultural norms you are resisting (about stereotypical images of femininity, wealth and status triggers, etc) but you aren't sure how to replace those trends in a way that still brings home the bacon.

You want to understand your businesses' visual story before hiring your next designer, so you know who to hire and what to bring to the collaboration.

You know your business needs strong, professional visual assets, but your consistency in producing them falters.

You want to be original and stand out in the market,  but you get nervous about doing something too "out there."

You are an artist / creative / highly visual person, but you worry that your own aesthetic and what your business actually needs might not be aligned. 

You struggle with your creative confidence when it comes to boldly presenting originally unique visuals to the world.


Powerful, effective visuals can rocket launch your visibility and sales, communicate your values and change culture. Uncovering your visual story is a deeply creative process that INTEGRATES what is unique to YOU, to the needs and desires of YOUR CLIENTS, and to YOUR BIG VISION for the world.

what you want is possible. Let's spend a week together to get you started.

We'll uncover the key questions that will help you better understand the visual culture of the market around you and your place in it. We'll co-design assignments that will help you develop your visual storytelling further and help you understand your visual brand better. We'll get practical about how you can push your creative development while not breaking your calendar. You'll leave with awareness, prompts, and resources you can draw on as you continue to build your visual story and brand.

The cost is $325, and includes a week of followup support with me as you begin implementing your new plans and ideas.

Your work changes the world.

Images have the power to change culture.

I'm here to help you connect those dots + make images that

stand out,  bring you clients and do the work

of transformation WITH YOU.

You in?