Create your collection of powerful, provocative social media images that will get attention and grow your business ~

With your intensive, day-long workshop at the Bureau of Tactical Imagination in Providence, Rhode Island.

JUNE 10, 2017 ~ 9am-5pm

Includes: Two 1:1 coaching sessions (pre + post workshop) + one full day of production with 3 experienced specialists + a fully equipped studio.

Nancy Brittain.

Nancy Brittain.

From the collage tables.

From the collage tables.

Natalyn Bradshaw.

Natalyn Bradshaw.

You’ll work with a visual storytelling leader, a pro photographer, a painter and a bounty of treasures and materials in order to generate professional quality, distinct, stand-out-from-the-crowd images to represent your business and brand and use in your social media feed.

+ + + + +

This is a one day workshop, but before you even get to the workshop, you’ll participate in a 90-minute online session with Amy Walsh. We do this so that you can review your existing branding, visual assets and social media marketing plan and key message (if you have one).

This will open the creative vein in you --- you’ll establish starting points and prompts for your day at the workshop, so you can come prepared and get the most out of your workshop.

After the workshop, you get one more follow-up 90-minute online session to help you select, and curate images and integrate them into your content marketing plans.

This will keep you thinking visually, keep you creating, and make sure you keep sharing your distinct, professional images so that your business and work will get attention (and sales!).

+ + + + +

Q. But do I have to be an artist?

A. OH HELL NO! Most of our students don't identify as artists.

Q. But what if I don't feel creative or don't know what to do?

A. That's what we are here for! You'll get concrete guidance throughout the day. We'll stick with you and help you break through. WE'VE GOT YOU!


In the weeks prior to the workshop: one 90-minute solo session with Amy Walsh: social media images + your brand, preparing for your workshop.

JUNE 9, evening: Welcome mixer, hosted by Holly Wach

JUNE 10 at the Bureau of Tactical Imagination Mothership:

9-10am coffee + pastries, introduction to the workshop, space and resources.

10-1:00: work/play intensive 1: with roving instruction from Amy Walsh + Stephanie Alvarez Ewens

1:00-2:15: lunch with 20-minute presentations about creative process, photography tips and innovative approaches to self-representation, by Amy Walsh, Stephanie Alvarez Ewens and Holly Wach.

2:15-4:30 work/play intensive 2: with roving instruction from Amy Walsh + Stephanie Alvarez Ewens

4:30-5:00 closing celebration + next steps

6:00 (optional) drinks at the Bucket Brewery

After June 10: a 90-minute solo session (on video) to discuss next steps for creative process, social media images and your brand evolution.

Raven Henderson.

Raven Henderson.

From the collage zone.

From the collage zone.

One 90-minute preparatory session + one day-long workshop + one 90 minute integration session = a collection of powerful on-brand social media images for you, and inspiration to last for months!

your Investment: $800

12 spots available

Wanna talk it out or ask questions first? Email me, Amy Walsh, and I'll respond ASAP!

reviews of other Tactical Imagination workshops:

Staci Jordan Shelton,  Performance Consultant, Coach, Yarn Alchemist.

Staci Jordan Shelton, Performance Consultant, Coach, Yarn Alchemist.

"I just had to shout out Amy Walsh today. I participated in her "Master the Art of Visual Storytelling" workshop that pushed our boundaries of how we tell our stories through images. She gave us some amazing assignments that made us look more deeply and creatively. She eliminated the cliches. The stories being told through the photos are powerful. They're not overly processed to perfection, they are real, soulful and magical. 

This challenge gave me some MUCH needed clarity about what I do, as well as how I do it, and solved a problem that has had me stuck for MONTHS on how to integrate the different parts of my business/brand and create some congruence and cognitive resonance, as opposed to the dissonance that's been clanging in the background for me." 


Kimberly Weiss, Body Positive BS Free coach.

Kimberly Weiss, Body Positive BS Free coach.

"Amy's workshop was eye opening for me. I've been feeling a disconnect with the images I put out in the world and what I say. [In the workshop] I was able to explore more of what I needed and really wanted to say while being truly creative and experimental. The process was fun and open and there was no pressure to do it "right." Seeing how we all went different ways with the question prompts was inspiring and helped open my mind around my own images and brand. I walked away feeling a hell of a lot more creative and confident about my approach to images."

your instructors!

Amy Walsh, Bureau of Tactical Imagination Founder, Art Director, Visual Storytelling Specialist and Creative Coach. Amy has been making and exhibiting paintings, sculptures and installations for 25 years, taught art in universities for 12 years, and has been a branding specialist and designer for entrepreneurs and organizations for 15 years. She's a huge visual culture nerd and believes everyone is an imaginative genius.

Holly Wach is a working visual artist, arts educator and entrepreneur. She makes her work and teaches kids and adults in her Providence RI studio. Holly will be offering reflections on the creative process and providing additional support and instruction during work session #2. She'll also be offering her studio for our Friday night mixer and for breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Stephanie Alvarez Ewens is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Her passion comes from capturing human emotion through photography and video. Stephanie's work has been published in both local and national publications. Her clients include universities, artists, designers, and organizations throughout New England. Stephanie will join us for work session #1 to offer tips and tricks for taking pro-quality photos here at the workshop and at home.

OUR workshop space + resources available

The Bureau of Tactical Imagination Mothership is a beautiful, 1200-square-foot light-filled studio in a restored warehouse building called The Mills on the border of Providence and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The studio is set up for our workshop with multiple lighting options, multiple backdrops for selfies and shoots, light boxes, flat-lay photography setups, still life setups, a collage zone, a typography and hand-lettering zone, and a giant table packed with props, objects, materials, supplies and inspiration for your making. Wifi and printers are also available, as is a fantastic printing company in the building that can print large-scale on short notice (for those spontaneous backdrop ideas).

You will get your own table to work on, and you'll have access to all the materials and technologies throughout the room. The nearby studio of Holly Wach will be our comfy space for breaks, lunch and presentations.

The building also houses artists studios, a yoga studio, a dance studio, a pottery school, a meditation center, a gaming place, a brewery, and a community acupuncture clinic. There's a big Saturday farmer's market, cafes, restaurants, shops, and parks within walking distance. Parking is abundant.

join us!

workshop limited to 12. 

One 90-minute preparatory session + one day-long workshop + one 90 minute integration session = a collection of powerful on-brand social media images for you, and inspiration to last for months!

investment: $800