Format: Workshop, with active listening pairs, writing periods and conversation.

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 6-9pm EST, on Zoom video conference.

Fee: pay what you wish (suggested scale $30-$80)

The implications of the election results in the USA are calling many of us to ask WHAT IS NEXT in our lives and businesses. What do our souls need, what do our community members need, what does the soul of the world need now?

For some of us, its exactly what we have been doing. The things to which we are already devoted, day after day, are clearly aligned with our visions for the world.

For some of us, changing times bring disorientation. Disruption. A chance to rethink and revise, reconsider priorities and big visions.

For some of us this is a moment to expand, be more visible, join more fully with movements and efforts that matter, lead more boldly in the places we lead (or want to).

I invite you to consider this:

Disruption, disappointment, fear, shock: these are not just appropriate responses to difficult conditions. They are also (if we let them be) CREATIVE spaces.

Moments of disruption are opportunities to see the world through a new lens. They expand us, even if the new truths we are integrating are painful ones. Moments like these shake us out of placation, reassurances, habits.

Is this one of those moments of disruption for you? 

I'd like to invite you to a one-time gathering of people coming together in this moment to PLAY and ENVISION. To re-imagine our work, in the spirit of possibility in a time of disorientation. Our goal is not necessarily to make new decisions, but to step back, inspire each other, find a broader perspective and try on new wings - and see what all of that does to our thinking about our vocations and businesses.

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Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in. 

-- Leonard Cohen