Seeking housemate/ Airbnb host

On a shady side street between Broadway and Westminster.  Near Armory park, farmers markets, cafes and restaurants. Easy bus , bike, drive or walk to downtown.


We are seeking one housemate who will, in exchange for rent, operate the Airbnb rooms in our house.

We live in a 2-floor apartment. We are a family of 3 (2 parents and a 10-year old) on floor 2, and we rent out rooms on floor 3.

Floor 3 has 5 bedrooms and a large bathroom. We aim to make 2 of the bedrooms into an Airbnb, with a third bedroom to be converted to a kitchenette.

As our housemate, you would occupy the other 2 rooms on the third floor, and share our kitchen on the second.

Rent will be free in exchange for ongoing hosting/managing of the airbnb.


    • Keep the airbnb listing updated and communicate regularly with prospective guests;

    • Maintain the schedule for guests, in communication with Amy

    • “Flip” the rooms between guests - launder sheets and towels, replenish supplies such as toilet paper, snacks, flowers etc. (we will provide budget), do light cleaning; and arrange to have a house cleaner come on a regular basis between some guests for deeper cleaning.

    • Welcome guests and answer their questions about the area and the house

    • Manage keys and make sure people can get in and out

We will provide a lock on your bedroom door for your security and on the door to the second floor, which you will have key access to.)

Financial agreement:

  • The full rent for the top floor is $1000. Our goal is to cover 100% of this through airbnb rental.

  • The usual rent for the 2 rooms the airbnb manager would be occupying is $450.

  • The airbnb manager lives here free, and is reponsible for helping us cover the entire $1000 each month after a 3-month ramp-up period. Once we are hitting $100 regularly each month, any additional income will result in a kickback to the manager (percentage to be negotiated once we have a sense of the workload and income).

Minimum Requirements for airbnb manager:

  • Loves beauty and order and beautiful spaces

  • Is good at cleaning, organizing and loving on space

  • Friendly, warm, welcoming, good communicator

  • Happy to participate in shared kitchen with friendly people

  • Is progressive, queer friendly, welcoming to people of all backgrounds and identities except ultra-conservatives, white nationalists and Trump supporters (seriously - none of that in here)

  • Has decent digital and administrative skills and can maintain good systems for tracking customers and income, etc.

Position begins & room is available: September 1

What next?

  • We’ll be searching for the right person in July, making a decision by August 1, and move-in will be September 1.

  • Please send us a letter of interest (to outlining any relevant experience (hard or soft evidence of your hosting/space-tending/admin skills) and 2 character and/or employment references.

  • If it seems like it might be a good fit, come on over and we’ll get to know each other and you can see the space and ask questions.

  • We’ll check references and make a decision by August 1.

 Pictures of the host’s bedroom and bath, & shared kitchen: