Request for Proposals


The Project:

We (the collaborative team of Amy Walsh and Alicia Montplaisir) are designing a daily planner for release in January. The spirit of the planner includes the perspective that “the personal is political;” that much of the striving for achievement in our day-to-day lives reveals an internalization of exploitation from our larger culture; and that it is possible to think about our daily lives outside of the time=money construct. The planner will centralize big visions, self-care, a sense of context and interconnection, and suggest that we are not alone in our good work. The planner raises the question: how do we create change in our lives and in the world in a way that is life-giving and nourishing for all? And in a way that clarifies our actions and allows us to have as great an impact as we wish, but outside the paradigm of isolated, individualized self-improvement? The planner is explicitly intersectional and feminist in title and in content, from an expansive perspective; recognizing that women, in particular, are being sold en masse a vision of “empowerment” that prioritizes self-improvement and perfection at the expense of true liberation and possibility of dismantling systems that do not serve us (or humans in general) - and where else do those messages play out most, than in our daily choices and actions? That said, you don’t have to identify as “woman” or have a binary relationship to gender to enjoy this bad-ass planner. Let embed our liberation in our daily plans, together: and Get Shit Done!

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a designer to produce the actual planner.

Amy Walsh, the creative lead for the project, is doing the research and user design process with a visioning team,  so all content and basic layout choices will have been made - we just need someone to make it LOOK AWESOME.

We want someone who is excited about this project and wants to be a part of something that is equal parts object for the market, socially engaged art experiment and liberation project.

We want to support businesses owned and operated by people of color, women and/or queer/trans/nonbinary designers.

The designer will become a part of a larger community of people working on this planner, and engaging in conversations and inspiration around embedding liberation into our daily lives and plans. There is potential for the planner to be a platform for a larger project exploring women/trans people, time, money, and productivity.

The specs:

  • This will be a 150-300 page book. The cover and size may be similar to a 5X7 Moleskin or Leuchtturm journal with a ribbon and elastic; but we are still researching covers and bindings.

  • Many pages will be identical except for the date. There will be a forward, a year planner, month planners, week planners and day planners.

  • If the planner is dated, there will likely be holidays, birthdays etc from an alternative social justice histories. Quotes will be sprinkled throughout the book, and there will be a resource appendix at the back.

  • The design will be very simple, with lots of blank space for the users’ own notes and drawings. The cover, probably just a flat color with a title/logo. We want the typography to be clean, modern, simple, elegant.

  • We are sourcing printers now and are seeking high-quality paper for writing and drawing, and a sturdy cover.

  • Additionally, we are considering doing print-your-own pages, and may request designs for that as well.

The Timeline:

Starts Wednesday November 2.

The deadline for final designs to the publisher is unknown, but we expect it will be within 30 days.

This is a tight timeline project and we seek someone who can put in substantial hours for bursts of time within the month of November so we can meet our goal of publishing and shipping the planner by early January.


Still interested? The RFP is in a handy online form, which you can fill out here:

Questions and communications can be sent to