A unique support and critique group for artists and culture makers. September-December 2018


Your creativity is endless. You are a world maker. Your imagination liberates. Your creations are gifts from the world and to the world. You are:


As a creator.

But, it doesn't always feel that way, does it?

No. That's why it's time to 

Nourish the makers.

The world needs us fully powerful as artists. The time is now.

It starts with ending isolation and getting bone-deep support for you as a creative being, first and foremost.

one support group each month

where we use deep listening and peer counseling frameworks to give each person a turn to reclaim our full self-understanding as limitless creators, and release all that stands in the way inside of us.

one critique group each month

in which we honor and celebrate what we make, and assist each other to break through whatever holds us back from making it even more fully, with even more of imagination and courage behind it.

In the support group, you grow.

in the critique group, your art grows. 

Requirements for joining:

You will be open. You will be willing. You will be ready to listen and assist others as much as yourself.