the tactical imagination intensive

Get ready to make your business and your offerings STAND OUT and DAZZLE.

A Tactical Imagination Intensive is an intense, 90-minute creative breakthrough session in which we take your THING - your event, course, campaign, program, or product - and attack it with equal parts creative play and brainstorm techniques, until it becomes the brilliant offering you know you've got inside you. Sometimes it takes a bold creative partner to get you unstuck and help you make your work shine and attract.

After our call, you get one week of unlimited support to integrate your brilliant new ideas into the nitty-gritty of your business.

Questions + Answers

How do I know if this is for me?

This is for you if you are planning or creating a business, program, product, service, package, event, or anything else at all. You want to get our of your own head and engage in a challenging and playful brainstorm with an artist and push this idea to its best expression, and most unique position in your market. So your business and its offerings can be as brilliant as you are.

What...EXACTLY is going to happen?

Every Tactical Imagination Intensive is different. But it will start with me asking a lot of questions and getting to know you, your goals and dreams, your business, and your creative sensibilities as well as I can. Then I'm going to facilitate a series of creative investigations between us and your idea. Our goal will be to create a big sea of raw material, including really bad ideas, and allow the really brilliant idea(s) to rise to the surface. We'll begin to explore the best ways to bring it into more resolved form, and I'll send you off with tips, methods and suggestions for completing it.

After our call, you get 7 full days of unlimited chat and email support as you integrate your new ideas into your business and refine the insights we generated. SO MUCH can happen during this time after the cauldron of ideas is stirred up so vigorously on our phone call.

How much does it cost?