Fellow genius, do your offerings TRULY STAND OUT from the crowd in a way that is exceptional, beautiful, original, powerful?

Is your business a true work of art, an uncommon expression of the rare gifts you bring to the world?

You are an original. You bring to your clients unparalleled experiences, beautiful skills, superpowers and personal visions that can never be reproduced by any other person. Does your businesses fully harness and communicate your rare gifts?

You are fascinating. If your work isn't consistently (and publicly) original, beautiful and able to stand above the noise and the sameness of online small business culture - you AND your customers are missing out big time! On joy. Impact. Success.

You don't have to be a branding specialist, a designer, a comedian, a top TED speaker or a Nobel prize winner to create a business that thrills you and your clients. All you need is an artist-in-residence to come shake things up. And that person is YOU!

JOIN ME FOR THE ARTIST OF YOUR BUSINESS IMMERSION: Three months of creative breakthroughs for your brilliant business.

You'll come away with:

  • Fresh creative ideas, tools and methods you can use to save TIME and reach goals!

  • A business that truly stands out from the crowd and attracts your dream clients, while delighting YOU.

  • Elimination of "STUCK" from your creative work life.

  • Confidence in your creative vision: You'll bust through internal ceilings that have been plaguing you for so long, and claim your visionary intelligence.

  • Ways to solve your business challenges and design your offerings with originality, purpose and presence.

  • Powerful connections with the people you serve.

What happens in a Tactical Imagination Immersion?

PHASE 1: Creative Research

We'll explore the brilliant core of your work, what lights you up in the world, and those forms of art/culture/language that resonate with you as well as understanding what lights up your target customers. We will get to know and understand how your creative mind operates best, and establish practices and experiments tailored to you for the duration of the immersion. In this phase we are gathering our "raw materials" for our work in Phase 2.

PHASE 2: Creative Development

We'll go on a series of creative explorations based on our research. We'll play with language, images, ideas and stories. We'll collect ideas, brainstorm, play and try new things, We'll embrace the good, the bad and the ugly -  and we're likely to laugh a lot.

Along the way, seeds of ideas, words, and images will emerge that will grow into fresh and creative new ways of thinking about and communicating about your business.

PHASE 3: Creative Implementation

We'll take the best ideas, images, stories and frameworks from Phase two and develop them further. Then we will apply them to your your business and TRANSFORM IT!

Additionally, In Phase 3 we will develop a toolkit for you that you can take into your work beyond this Immersion and use any time - full of the methods, techniques, new habits and choices that we have designed especially for you.

This immersion is perfect for you if:

  • you have a solid business but have hit a plateau and can't seem to break out of it

  • you know that you, and your business, are extraordinary and original, but your public presence doesn't reflect that fully - and you want to really stand out!

  • you are ready for a complete rebrand of your business and want to make sure you do it as powerfully as you can

  • you want a more original, stand-out social media presence and voice

  • you've got great ideas for new programs, products or other offerings but aren't sure how to keep the initial spark of creativity strong as you build them out

  • you know that your business could bring you more money and more joy than it currently does

  • lack of confidence in your creativity and imagination is in your way of taking the next leap forward in your work

So what EXACTLY happens in the Immersion?

Every relationship is different and fully customized for you. But here are the starting points for almost everyone.

  • We'll meet online for 90 minutes, twice per month, for 3 months. These are co-creation sessions; this is the heart of our work together.

  • I'll send you off with customized, sustainable daily practices and assignments meant to both strengthen your creative powers and advance your specific projects.

  • I'll keep track of your work as it evolves, often with volleys of collaboration taking place between us throughout.

  • We'll share a creative workspace online where we'll post raw materials and inspirations for your work.

  • Then we'll pull together the most brilliant strands of creative work and apply them to your offerings!

Your investment: $2200

or three monthly installments of $733


Book a 30 minute call to see if a BE THE ARTIST OF YOUR BUSINESS Immersion is right for you. 

These calls are obligation-free explorations, and you'll leave with feedback and tips you can start using right away.

Your guide: Creativity Liberation Agent Walsh.

But you can call me Amy. I'm ready to be your creative breakthrough partner.

I've founded businesses and directed nonprofits, from the design world to environmental organizations to the art world. So I've got a hefty toolkit when it comes to planning and executing projects and businesses.

But as a visual artist who has committed more than 30 years of my life to practicing creative processes, I know there is so much more to doing great work than what you find on the strategic, left-brain, linear thinking side.

Great business rely just as much on wild thinking. Unruly thinking. Truly innovative thinking and making. Without solid and consistent ways to access these non-linear paths to genius, business folk create ordinary businesses. And that's boring.

No more boring! The world doesn't need it, and neither do you. The world needs us with our full creativity blazing.

When you work with me, you are invited into my virtual studio to play and make. To laugh and get weird. To ask deep questions, beautiful questions, challenging questions. To return to the core of why you do what you do and why it's worth doing. To dust off and reclaim the dream of your own, precious and rare voice finding its true place in the world. To find the ways to express it that nobody else could possibly replicate.

That can be scary, fun and exciting, but that's not boring.


Working with Amy has been one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. Amy has been there for me through my whirlwind of thoughts and helped see me through my cloudy thinking. Now I am building a business that truly and creatively reflects ME while connecting to my customers. Not only has Amy helped me think strategically about my business, she has helped me connect to my deeper motivations for doing it. While listening deeply she has led me to me find more unique and compelling and accurate language for what I do. She has helped me envision my dreams and bring them to life creatively. Her background as an artist shines through in her ability to hone in on what's important through playful and unusual means.”
Liz Lockwood, Nourish + Thrive

Amy offers a gentle direct approach, loving guidance and phenomenal intuition. After our session, I felt clarity and direction as to my next steps in my creative process. Together, we created a plan that met my creative, spiritual and time-management needs. Through Amy's wisdom, I felt supported while I held myself accountable for my endeavors.
Jillian Fragale

I can't wait to listen to you and create with you, in service of your brilliant business and your very lucky customers.