Uncover the visual story of your business.

A 6 week intensive collaboration to learn your visual language, evolve your brand and create images that defy trends, set you apart and change culture.



YOUR BUSINESS HAS A POWERFUL VISUAL STORY INSIDE IT  - a visual story that bucks conformity and is magically aligned with the genius at the heart of your work. This visual language is yours, and is available to you whether you think of yourself as an artist or not.

Whether you DIY your business' visual assets or hire designers or branding specialists to do it for you, YOU can hold the vision, knowing exactly what you want and who to hire: because you are firmly rooted in the image-world of your work.

Your business's innate visual story is unmistakable, unforgettable; in a way that is both unique to you and generously accessible and attractive to your audience. It calls out to your ideal clients, delights them, signals vision and enacts cultural change. When you uncover this visual story, you publicly liberate your work into its originality and purpose: your audience can see you and the potential you bring, because your images are already creating change, creating new culture based on your story.

Join me in a 6-WEEK 1:1 creative COLLABORATION. Here's the process:

1 weekly call with chat and text support in between. On the calls, we prepare our raw material. This includes:

  • Getting crystal clear on your key marketing message.

  • Studying/analyzing the visual culture of the markets and communities you work in, and exploring the ways in which you support, celebrate, disrupt and/or reject elements of the dominant visual stories we find there.

  • Learning about the principles of cultural and visual literacy (the language of visual forms and their meanings in the context of culture), and what this means for your work.

  • Exploring the visual sensibility and story that's already inside of you, which comes from your experience, your ideas and intellectual work, your body and physical experience, your context, your history, your cultures, your dreams, and your inspirations.

  • Tapping into the desires, needs, vision and inspirations of the people you serve, and understanding how THEY experience visual language.

  • Developing/evolving your existing brand based on what we are discovering.

We then take all of this raw material, and develop your imagery through creative assignments, prompts and processes. As the weeks go by, I am available for feedback, guidance, clarification and support around your creative process.


you'll leave our collaboration with:

  • A series of images that powerfully communicate the heart of your work which you can begin using immediately.

  • A solid collection of prompts, assignments and next steps going forward, so you can continue to evolve your visual language in the months and years to come.

  • A set of goals, key metaphors and visual language guidelines that you can use when hiring designers or branding specialists.

  • New skills: how to use the power of visual language to supercharge your marketing and social/cultural change strategies.

The investment:


(installment plans available)

“I’m amazed at how quickly you were able to ramp up to understand my unique situation… You’ve been able to validate my vision for my future self as a healer — and your special recommendations for taking it in bite size pieces is just perfect as I feel my way through this. One of the amazing things …is the lightness I feel about being “who I am.” I’m not in the least feeling the need to spin a story to suit any particular narrative. This is because you’ve listened so carefully to my words (and my silences), and addressed my fears around telling my story. You’ve helped me to identify that when I have a fear, how to turn it around, identify the blessing and work that too into the tapestry that is me. Thank you.”

— a happy, anonymous client in the midst of change.

Why this is different than a typical branding/design experience:

Many branding and design folks know how to use visual language to signal your position in the market in terms of your status as an expert, and to illustrate your work through commonly understood means.

But what many of them miss when working with mission-driven business leaders are the opportunities for authentic innovation based on the cultivation of their clients truest inner visions AND the capacity for images to make change.

Its time to recognize that images don't just have the capacity to signal social/economic standing or illustrate concepts: images have the capacity to change culture all by themselves.

I want you - AND YOUR IMAGES - to change the world. And I'm not going to do it for you and keep the skills to myself - I'm going to collaborate with you and teach you the visual literacy skills you will need to be consistently visible as the changemaker that you are.

Lets get you the attention you want, to make the change you are here to make - with stunning images that change culture.