Tactical Imagination Day-Long Retreats

Just me, you, and your work. One full day on Zoom.

Is your business as brilliant and meaningful on the OUTSIDE as it is on the INSIDE? Are your potential customers thrilled by the unique and powerful way only YOU can deliver your message?

Does your content marketing function as another boldly imaginative way to expand your body of work into the world?

If not, you and your imagination need some deep focus time.

Let’s be artists-in-residence of your business for a day.

We’ll retreat from the “hustle,” and focus on what matters: your body of work and its relationship to the world. I’ll support your imagination, courage, and willingness to be uncompromisingly true to yourself. We’ll make genius plans and strategic moves to make your business more powerfully visible, ditching the “shoulds” and using your marketing channels as the powerful tools for innovation that they are.


(Of course, these options can overlap. Choose one, integrate the other!)


Branding Retreat

Your brand sits at a complex intersection: between your vision and work, your customers and community’s wants and needs, and the larger culture and context.

Lets articulate what you do, and make imaginative, innovative plans to share it with the people you do it for -- in a way that is authentic, imaginative, unique, flexible and powerful - and helps you make the cultural contribution and change you want to.

We’ll get clear on the central messages you are communicating, and leave you with plans and assignments - designed with your unique creativity in mind - that will help you produce and communicate what’s most important about you and your work. The result: you get to have fun AND get noticed, and watch your work deepen and your visibility expand.


Marketing Innovation Retreat

Social media posts! Blogging! Memes! Livestreams! Podcasts! IGTV! Stories! Webinars! Challenges!

How do you know what forms and formats are appropriate to your work, your creativity, your audiences’ ways of consuming information? How do you craft the messages and inspiration you deliver?

So much social media marketing is trite, superficial- even downright unethical and oppressive. But it can be so easy to let the ways already things are dictate what we do.

Lets throw out the SHOULDS and get focused on YOUR body of work. Then we’ll create marketing plans that help you contribute to the larger culture in meaningful ways that serve the world, your own creativity AND your business goals.


What is the BODY OF WORK you are developing, the VISION behind it, & the CONTRIBUTION you are making to the world you want?

Often we are so immersed in the details, the to-do’s, the multi-tasking, the nitty gritty and the nuts and bolts of building a business, that we neglect the heartbeat at the center: the vision, the imagination, the creative spark that powers the whole enterprise.


When we make space for a deeper, wilder, more playful investigation of the creative center of the work, we uncover ideas, forms and formats for our work and its delivery to the world, which are stunningly unique and suited for ourselves, our audiences and communities —and for these times.


Why a day-long retreat?

If you are running an business, its likely that your most vital creative processes and insights can rarely find space inside the fast, fragmented schedule you have to keep. While it’s good to make ANY time for creativity, those squeezed-in chunks of time can make your “deep work” feel like one more thing to “get done.” And that’s not a good setup for creative thinking!

You need the periodic gift of time and space from the intense speed and fragmentation of everyday life now -

So you can make more decisions, faster, and shave off months of deliberating from your business building process.

So you can hold on to the thread of an idea as it wanders through the forest.

So you can excavate depth and substance, not just speed and surface.

So you can untangle the knotted parts and unstick the stuck parts.

So you can explore ideas that we wouldn’t give time to on the average workday, and just maybe grow a genius thought that simply needed some sun and water.

When you set aside a long, uninterrupted period of creation, you signal to our consciousness that more is possible than on any other “normal” day. You invite deeper levels of complexity into the process. And we all need that.

Come spend a day with me to tend to your vision, and to the body of work you’re building. And lets create plans and strategies for your branding and marketing that allow your deepest genius to shine through all you do.

Branding and marketing can be, and should be, extensions of the most powerful elements of your work - and extensions of your imagination, creativity and wisdom. If these things don’t feel that way to you, lets give it some attention.


What does the retreat entail?

  • One 30-minute call to create prompts/assignments you can use to prepare for our day together.

  • One 8-hour retreat day. The day will consist of regular meetings with Amy to prepare you for the work times in between, which can be done with Amy on Zoom or on your own. Ample breaks, including opportunities for movement play, and connection with nature, will support the process.

  • One hour-long integration/implementation call two to four weeks post-retreat to support the execution of our plans.


This is for you if:

  • You often feel pulled to work on everything BUT the deeper creative work your business is built on; and you suspect there is resistance to developing your deeper body of work.

  • You know you are a step or two away from implementing some bold new creative directions in your business, but you lack space, time, focus or confidence to make the changes. You could use some company while you leap.

  • Though your work is strong, you lack clarity around your presentation to the world; whether in your identity and brand, your visual communications, or something else.


The investment for a day-long retreat is $1500.

I am offering some retreats for business builders who are doing social justice and/or cultural change work and are from communities traditionally marginalized in the digital small business world. If you pay $2000 for your retreat, $500 will be offered to subsidize another’s fee.


Your imagination is made for this moment, this life, these times. Feed it!