Visual Creators

A unique mini-community of support + critique.

We meet 2 times per month - once for focused support, and once for critique.

1) support: in these meetings we use the tools of active listening and peer counseling, we build relationships of support, appreciation and movement towards being limitless creators with limitless creative confidence.

2) critique: in these meetings its all about the artwork, what its showing us, where its been, where its going. We innovate with "critique" formats and look for ways to talk and learn about our own and each other's visual work in ways that are liberating and rigorous - without being competitive or judgmental.


This is for you if:

  • you make images, objects, or anything else visual, and you want to grow in your powers as a visual communicator/artist/maker amongst a group of peers;
  • you want critiques to support you, challenge you, teach you and encourage you, without leaving you feeling judged, humiliated or discouraged;
  • you want a close-knit support system of other artists/makers in your life;
  • you want to experiment in a small group format with ways that liberating conversations can happen between each other and our images;
  • you want to learn the basics of peer counseling and active listening in the context of building creative confidence;
  • you can commit to 2 meeting per month, each 2.5 hours long, on Zoom.

You have limitless creativity + vision.

own it! And give yourself and your work the support to go where it wants to go.


September - November, 2018

$80 per month

Second & fourth Tuesday of every month

Section 1: noon EST

Section 2: 5pm EST


Applications will allow me to select group combinations with inclusion, diversity, commonalities, experience levels, etc. in mind.

It's possible not everyone will make it into this round, and you will be invited to a waiting list.

f the cost is truly prohibitive, options may be available. Please apply anyway.