GAH! Theres is nothing that wrecks the freshness of our work, our branding and our marketing than even even mildly stifled confidence in our value, our intelligence, and our ability to create imaginatively.

But we are all built to feel and act on our brilliance and creativity at every moment.

How would it change your upcoming year if you never doubted your creativity and intelligence as you brand, market, and share your business?

What would happen if you hungrily devoted ample time to enjoy the acts of marketing and promoting and being visible with your businesses’ best work, in ways that radiate confidence and imagination?

Come learn some tools to get your creative confidence - and the habits and behaviors that support excellence in your creative work - in shape for 2019.

Especially as it relates to how you present your work to the world, through the development of your body of work, as well as branding & marketing.


3 Facebook Live presentations in 3 days. Interactive & deep.

They are free, AND extremely light on “pitch” content. If you want a long intro at the beginning, you are out of luck. We are going to pack in the TEACHINGS AND LEARNINGS here people!

Yup, that’s it. Bring your pencil and paper though, because Im gonna make you do some HARD FUN WORK.

December 18

Tuesday, 3-4 EST

Your creative mindset and your body of work (the creative parts of the central work of your mind, heart and/or business)

December 19

Wednesday, 2-3 EST

Your creative mindset and your brand (the visible face of your work in the world.)

December 20

Thursday, 2-3 EST

Your mindset around your marketing & social media visibility.

Each communique is live on the BTI Business profile, or in the TACTICAL IMAGINATION CLUB (Join here!)

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