In December 2018, a group of intrepid business builders, artists, projectitians, leaders and other creators gathered to consider some aulluring proposals concerning the limitless creativity and imaginations of every one of us.

We explored: how there is nothing that wrecks the freshness of our work, our branding and our marketing than even even mildly squished confidence in our value, our intelligence, and our ability to create imaginatively.


We are all built to feel and act on our brilliance and creativity at every moment,


But it doesn’t always feel that way, and we don’t always act that way.

That gets in the way of making the contribution to the world that we want to.

It gets in the way of building relationships, building audiences and communities, making money, gaining recognition, and more.

How would it change your upcoming year if you never doubted your creativity and intelligence as you create, brand, and market your work?


You may have missed the live events but you can still enjoy the replays ~

and get your creative confidence - and the habits and behaviors that support excellence in your creative work - in shape for 2019.

Communiqué no. 1

Your creative mindset and your body of work (the the central work of your mind, heart and/or business)

Communiqué no. 2

Your creative mindset and your brand (the visible face of your work in the world.)

Communiqué no. 3

Your mindset around your marketing & social media visibility.

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