A series of events, products, and services for adjunct art instructors. Including:


Dear hardworking adjunct instructor: Did your appointment at a university end without any formal closure (such as being dropped due to low enrollment, or simply not being offered new classes without explanation)? Does the lack of formal termination interfere with your ability to apply for unemployment benefits, or does it simply leave you feeling invisibly dismissed and disposable? I will produce a personalized termination letter for you from the university of your choice. The letter will be professional and courteous, and otherwise demonstrative of basic common decency which every adjunct deserves. Best of all, the entirely handmade letter is a work of art, my gift to you for your important work on behalf of your students. REQUEST A TERMINATION LETTER -->


Dear Adjunct, do you feel completely f%$*&# over by the university where you have taught? I will produce for you a hand-written letter of apology from your Chair and/or Dean and send it to you by mail. Please provide me the name of all parties who owe you an apology, the details of your mistreatment, and three things you would most like to hear in your apology letter. REQUEST AN APOLOGY -->